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Artists Participate in Sand Sculpture Competition

By: Kelsey Al

Artists from around the world gather every November at Treasure Island Beach for the sand sculpture competition, Sanding Ovations. The competition also features multiple food and craft beer vendors.

Although there is no theme for the sculptures this year, most of the artworks are abstract or surreal, featuring human forms. The sculptors use conventional artist tools like palette knives and spatulas.  Instruments unique to the medium such as tubes for blowing away unwanted sand are also used. Artist Rusty Croft from California says that working with the fragile medium is all about seeing how far the sand will hold through experimentation.

The first place sculpture is two skeletons embracing each other on the ground, reminiscent of the mysterious skeletons discovered several years ago in Siberia. All of the sculptures will remain intact for viewing for the next three weeks.




Growing Up Greek

By: Catherine Kouretsos


MTV will be airing a 30 minute special on December 3 called “Growing Up Greek.” It will highlight a group of young Greek people and how they are growing up in the heavily Greek influenced town of Tarpon Springs, Florida.

The show’s 55-second “sneak peak” has come under fire by the Greek community. They’re calling it a “misrepresentation” of the culture and have raised a petition to have it cancelled.

One of the stars of the show, Barbie Perkins, says she’s being positive for the show and is proud of it.

Flea Market Vendor

By: Sarah Norcini


Local flea market vendors sometimes have more than one job, and at the Sixty Sixth Street Flea Market in St. Pete, Angelina Herrington is one of them. Having only been there four months, she has found it somewhat difficult to maintain her business. Despite this, she wants to open her own store one day, but says that it’s all up to the economy and how well things go at the market.

However, the market can sometimes be difficult to find. She says that she’s been there for six years, and has just never noticed it.

Herrington also says that she has found it difficult to advertise, because she is expected to do that on her own. She has made a Facebook page, though she says it doesn’t bring her many customers. So for now, she’s just trying to make the best out of what she has.

Solar Panels at USFSP

By: Jason Saab



Duke Energy awarded a one million dollar grant to  USFSP to fund the building of solar panels and the research that will follow. The panels are built on the roof of the USFSP parking garage and will provide some shade to the seventh floor.

The panels will also be storing energy in a newly developed battery system that will provide data to the researchers about how this energy will work.They hope this will help promote the use of solar power as an energy source.

The team hopes that the data and research that they gain from the battery storage project will assist them in promoting and using the sun to help offset the growing need for energy in Florida, according to Joe Pietrzak, Dukes Senior Planning Analyst.

Supporters also hope it will bring plenty of publicity due to its size and visibility. Although the panels will only provide a fraction of the nineteen point one million kilowatt-hours of energy that USFSP uses per year, it will still be the largest solar array in St. Petersburg.

Share-a-Bike at USFSP

By: Jason Saab



Bicycle rental is coming to USFSP on Get on Board Day 2015! Students will be able to rent one of nine bicycles for a 24 hour period with their valid student ID.

Share a bike programs have been a popular solution to limited mobility on college campuses. USF Tampa has had one since 2011, however USFSP is just now following in their foot steps.

Ten thousand dollars has been put into the program, but only about three thousand of it has been spent. They are going to beta test the bike program and make sure no problems arise before investing all of their funding.

Senator Victor Sims has been a supporter of the bill from day one and is excited to see it come to realization. He explained that the program has taken so long due to extensive preparation. Watch out for share a bike this Spring.