Food Review: The Burgers Bring the Charm to Charm City

By: Catherine Kouretsos


Charm City Burger Company logo

Deerfield Beach, Fla – An area in the Miami Metropolitan district, has been making headlines for more than just their beautiful beaches and warm weather. Among the abundance of every form of food restaurant available, Deerfield Beach just happens to be the home of the best burgers in the nation at Charm City Burger Company thanks to the owner – a retired five-star restaurant chef, Michael Saperstein.

Recently after having a friend tell me he drove over four hundred miles for a burger, I decided I needed to give this place a try. After an almost five hour drive, we arrived to Charm City. There was little to no parking in the restaurant parking, so we had to park in a nearby grocery store parking lot and trek on foot to these luxurious burgers. After passing two dumpsters and seeing no sign of that says Charm City, we walked into a small, quaint building and figured we were there.

Luckily we were and we entered from the back end which led us right to the cash register and order table. The restaurant is about the size of the average American living room, but magically happens to hold over a hundred people. It looks moderately clean, just your average hole-in-the-wall place with an informal dress code. The age ranged from kids to grownups like Judy Krajec and her son, Kris that are Charm City regulars. “We come here at least once a week. I have family from Boston and they fly here once a year here to get a burger and get out of the cold.”

I was surprised by how reasonably priced their food was. I ordered the Cowboy Style burger and a coconut Blue Bell milkshake with a side of beer battered onion rings. The total cost was a little over thirteen dollars for me, but well worth it for the large quantity and quality of the meal.

There are no waiters or waitresses at Charm City because you serve yourself. They give you a number and call your number when your food is ready to be picked up from the order table. Then you find a place to sit among all the other costumers and eat your meal.

When we finally found a place to sit, we ended up outside in the front of the restaurant which boarded a main street and the store. There I also found the sign that says, “Charm City.”

My coconut milkshake was stirred by hand and to perfection with the soft cream being soothing for this hot Florida day. The plate was simple because there was no plate. My burger sat in a white cardboard box with a smaller box within it and next to the burger which held my onion rings and Charm City sauce. The plate wasn’t well executed, but the food made up for that. As I readied myself to take a bite of my burger, I couldn’t even fit the whole burger into my hand, let alone my mouth. I took a bite, anyway, and could immediately taste the aged pepper jack cheese and sautéed mushrooms. The juice and grilled onions were overwhelmingly satisfying with the bacon adding that hint of harshness to counteract the tenderness of the beef. The burger was cooked to a tender taste that added its own natural flavorings with every bite.

The beer battered onion rings held their own status of greatness and were deep fried to literal perfection with the thousand island based Charm City sauce for dipping.

I could understand why people have flocked all over the US for this genius of food. It was well worth the five hour drive because it was quality food for a great price. While there, I saw the countless awards on the walls that praised Charm City and I couldn’t help but think to myself and agree that they are well deserved. Charm City is five-star quality for a one-star price.


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