Oddities in Downtown St. Petersburg

By: Kelsey Al


The 600 Block of Downtown St.Pete is known for being the hub of creative spirit. Tucked off the main street of Central Avenue is a gem that goes by the name Dysfunctional Grace.

The taxidermy and oddity shop has been locally owned and operated for two and a half years. Co-owner Elizabeth Ann sells her work and work from various artists from the area that fit the theme of the shop, which centers on the beauty of death and nature.

Preserved dove with roses and faux pearl eyes.

Preserved dove with roses and faux pearl eyes.

The prices of pieces range from as low as 20 dollars for small items such as air plants mounted in an antique frame to upwards of 3000 in the case of a real giraffe with metal gears attached to the head.

Ann says her business began when she got fired from her previous job, and she no longer wanted to be part of the corporate world. She began making morbid artwork for about four years ago, when her father died. According to Elizabeth Ann, the best part of owning Dysfunctional Grace is “being her own boss”.

All of the materials used in the pieces on display in the unconventional shop are ethically obtained. No animals were harmed for the intent of the artwork. The skulls and skins were either found from road kill or obtained from collectors.

Though the company does not have a high influx of customers due to its unusual nature, Dysfunctional Grace does have a lot of regulars. Ann says that a lot of her customers that visit frequently become more like friends.


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