Growing Up Greek Showcases Tarpon Springs’ Greek Community

By: Catherine Kouretsos



Photo of the cast, Shed Media

Tarpon Springs, Fla – MTV is airing a new reality show special about what it is like for Greek youth to grow up in the heavily Greek influenced Tarpon Springs, Florida.

MTV will be airing a special called “Growing Up Greek” on December 3 that highlights a group of young Greek people and how they are growing up in Tarpon Springs, which is ranked the number one most heavily populated Greek community in the US.


Screenshot from “Growing Up Greek” sneak peak, MTV

“We’re the Sponge capital of the world, we’re Epiphany city,” says Barbie Perkins, 34, owner of Yiannis, a featured restaurant on the MTV special.

Perkins stars in the show along with her cousins in the half hour special produced by Shed Media.

She says she is proud of her Greek heritage despite the family drama that will be aired for the world to see.


Screenshot from the 55-second sneak peak, MTV

However, members of the Greek community are not taking too kindly to the 55-second “sneak peak” that MTV leaked and have petitioned on to have the show cancelled or rewritten because it is a “gross misrepresentation of what it means to grow up Greek” and lessens to the community to the likes of what Jersey Shore did to the Italians. So far there are over 5000 signatures.

Perkins remains positive and thinks the Greek community is judging the special too soon, “What I don’t agree is that they are bringing religion into this. ‘Thou shalt not judge,’ so why are they writing letters to the Greek Orthodox Church for help? Only God can judge, so why are they?”

Growing Up Greek airs as a 30 minute special on MTV, Wednesday, December 3 at 11 pm with an encore on Thursday, December 4 at 7 pm.


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